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5 Cool Projects That Require Sheet Metal Fabrication In Roanoke, VA

Sheet metal fabrication is a resource that many companies rely on for quality metal parts. If you look around the building that you are in, you will see several structures that were crafted through the sheet metal fabrication process. Handrails, stairs, and sinks are three structures produced by sheet metal fabricators. Most fabricators are one of three types of companies: contractors, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or VARs (Value-added Resellers). If you are planning a project, expect to contact one of them for sheet metal fabrication services. There are several fabrication shops in Roanoke, VA ready to take your call. Here's a list of five cool projects that require sheet metal fabrication in Roanoke, VA.

1) Building a Park Slide

The local park probably has a slide, but if it doesn't, you can build one in your yard. A flat slide can be easily manufactured by a sheet metal fabricator. If you want a more exciting slide, such as a curved slide with multiple turns, then it may cost you a bit more. The price will be worth it however, especially on lazy summer days when the only excitement is a ride down a dizzying slide that seems to last for minutes, but really is only a few seconds long. Plus, you can climb up to the top of the slide and go down the tube again and again.

2) Crafting a Medieval Helmet

If you like the middle ages and the Renaissance period, consider crafting a metal helmet from sheet metal. A helmet would be one part of a knight's outfit. Body armor is required to complete the look. The helmet can be designed by you on paper, and the OEM will handle the sheet metal fabrication in Roanoke, VA. It's probably a good idea to include measurements for your head and neck. This can be done by using a standard tape measurement scale used for clothing sizing.

3) Creating a Classic Car Chassis

If you like building cars, consider making one out of sheet metal. The classic car chassis is a challenging project that many will attempt, but few will succeed. The best way to ensure that the project is completed is by seeking the expertise of a sheet metal fabricator. Bring a drawing of the chassis and measurements. These two pieces of information would give the sheet metal fabricator a good starting point. The frame can be cut and delivered to your property. The rest is up to you.

4) Cutting Jewelry

Another interesting project to undertake is cutting jewelry. Sheet metal is an inexpensive material to make jewelry from. In fact, this is a good way to start a jewelry business. Start by manufacturing an inventory of different pieces of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry should have a unique design. Again, the best way to do this is to draw various designs on paper with measurements and give it to a sheet metal fabricator. The pieces could be cut in a few days. Afterward, you can decorate the pieces.

5) Crafting Metal Furniture

The last project to try is crafting metal furniture. A sofa made of sheet metal may not sound comfortable, but if you place a futon mattress over it, it will be the perfect couch to sit on. If you are an artist, the metallic sofa will be the perfect art piece for the studio. To complete this project, plan out the backrest, seat, and side arms of the sofa. A flat, rectangular panel for the back and seat portions is recommended, along with hollow, pizza-box-shaped side arms (12 bars for each arm on each side of the sofa). Two long bars connecting the box-shaped side arms is required as well (front, near feet and back of sofa).


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