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Powder Coating Roanoke Va

The Basics Of Powder Coating In Roanoke Va

Powder coating in Roanoke VA has several advantages over liquid coatings for metals. The advantages involve cost factors. The superiority of powder over liquid also involves aesthetic and environmental components. The technology has been around for decades. New developments are still improving powder coating in Roanoke VA.

A thermoplastic or thermoset polymer is combined with colorants and other chemicals. The mixture is heated, passed through an extruder, formed into sheets, and broken down into powder of a specific size. The powder adheres to metal through an electric charge that is applied to the metal to be painted and the gun that sprays the powder.

Coat advantages of powder coating in Roanoke VA

1) Coats any shape

The electric charge that attracts the coating to any metal part guarantees that all of the part can receive the same thickness of coating. This quality can be extremely important in protecting metal from damage and achieving a complete look for a decorative part.

2) Minimal coating loss

The design of the spray gun and booth produce a minimal loss of coating during the painting process. This quality means that the company paying for the paint spends less for a coating. It also means the company that does the costing spends less on waste and clean up.

3) Thicker coatings

Powder can produce much thicker coatings than liquid spray paint. The powder does not sag or drip like liquid. This quality is very important in parts that experience extremes of weather or temperature.

4) Faster cure times

Powder coatings cure faster than liquid coatings. Powder coatings cure at lower temperatures than liquid coatings. The faster cure means that the client can have their parts faster. The lower temperature cure means the coater spends less on fuel and can charge the client less for a coating job.

5) Same cost for set up

Powder coating set up costs are equivalent to liquid coating set up costs. The powder coating booth is actually less complicated than a liquid coating booth.

6) Safer

Powder coatings do not have the fire potential that some liquid coatings do.

7) Preparation is the same

Metal preparation for powder coating and liquid coatings are the same. Some metals require special treatment for any type of coating. The coater and the client see no cost increase.

Aesthetic and environmental advantages of powder coating in Roanoke VA

1) Aesthetics

Both horizontal and vertical surfaces have the same appearance in terms of color and gloss with powder coatings.

Powder coatings hide rust and other metal defects much more easily than liquid coatings. A powder coating can be applied in a manner that creates a design that is intended to hide material defects without the added costs of removing the defect. The patterns can be used to enhance the attractiveness and visual impact of any metal part.

2) Environmental concerns

Powder coatings have no solvents. The newest powder coating formulations are 100 percent solids. There is no volatile organic content. This means no environmental concerns for the coater or the end user.

The coater does not have to buy expensive equipment to deal with pollution. The environment is protected. The end user gets a potential selling advantage in an environmentally friendly product.


Powder Coating Roanoke Va

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