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The Advantages Of Powder Coating In Lynchburg VA

Powder coating in Lynchburg VA is an exceptional means of applying a protective and decorative finish to almost any kind of metal that both a consumer and industry can use. The powder that is used in this process is a combination of well-grinded particles of resin and pigment, which is sprayed electrostatically upon the surface to be coated.

The particles of the charged powder remain on the surface that is electrically grounded until the powder is well heated and meld into an unwrinkled coating in the curing oven. The achieved result is a durable, uniform, attractive and high-quality finish. Powder coating in Lynchburg VA is one the fastest developing finishing technology in the world.

Advantages of Powder Coating

It is More Durable: Powder coating in Lynchburg VA provides businesses, industries, and consumers one of the most long lasting, color-durable, and the most economical quality finishes available on any kind of metal. Surfaces that are powder coated have a higher resistance to scratching, chipping, wearing, and fading than other finishes. The selection of colors are almost unlimited with satin, flat, gloss, metallic, high gloss, clear, candies, fluorescent, iridescent, hammer tone, wrinkle, and glitter finished. Colors remain vibrant and brighter for a long period. The selection of texture surfaces ranges from wrinkles surfaces to smooth or matte finishes, and rough surface textures designed for covering surface imperfection.

It Protects the Environment: Powder coating in Lynchburg VA also protects our environment. While there are solvents that have pollutants known such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in liquid finishes, there are no solvents in powder coating, and it releases negligible amounts if there is any in the atmosphere. Therefore, there is no need for finishers to maintain and purchase expensive equipment for pollution control.

It Saves Money: The complete eradication of volatile organic compounds and waste reduction saves money for consumers and companies. It also helps companies to comply economically and easily with the regulations of the environmental protection agency of the state they operate in. The stringent air pollution legislation implementation is one of the major elements that has enhanced the growing market of powder coating.

Where is Powder Coating Applied?

    Automotive: Powder coating is used on wheels, hubcaps, and bumpers by automotive industries. They also use it in accent parts and decorative trim, radiators, truck beds, filters, and several engine parts. Auto bodies are now protected by a clear powder topcoat.
    Appliances: The appliance industry is also a beneficiary of powder coating. They use it on the side and front panels of refrigerator and ranges, dryer drums, washer lids and tops, cabinets of air-conditioners, dishwasher racks, water heaters, and cavities of microwave ovens. Porcelain enamel has also been replaced powder coating on a lot of dryer parts and washer.
    Building/Architecture: The building and architectural market use powder coating on aluminum extrusions that are used on frames for doors, window, and modular furniture. A lot of highways and several building projects make use of powder coating on guardrails, light poles (on streets, gardens, and homes), posts, street signs, and fencing.


Powder Coating Lynchburg Va

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